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NXT LVL Motors

Nitrous Express Bottle heater

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Nitrous express 15942-110

Nitrous Express bottle heater elements make your cold days warmer--and more productive! Optimum performance needs optimum nitrous pressure, and that means keeping your bottle at the right temperature. These Nitrous Express element-only heaters are pressure-controlled to maintain the right temperature for consistent nitrous pressure. The heater elements have surface temperatures above 300 degrees. Take your nitrous bottle from ice cold to operating pressure in minutes when it's wrapped in Nitrous Express bottle heater elements.

Powered by a standard 3 prong AC wall outlet. This Nitrous Express element features new carbon element technology that eliminates heating wires found in old-school heater elements. This new technology heats the bottle more evenly and eliminates the possibility of of dead heater segments due to broken heater wires. The neoprene insulating material keeps the outside of the element cool so you don't burn your hands.


Bottle Heater Control Style: Pressure controlled

Power Supply: 110/120 V

Bottle Heating Element Specs: 400 Watts @ 120V

Element dimensions are 5.25 in. x 12.5 in