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BMW N54 Index 12 Injector Kit

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Injector Seals

Set of 6 replacement fuel injectors for N54 powered BMW's, , most up to date fuel injector featuring optimized internal improvements, index 12, kit includes 6 injectors and can be bundled together with decoupling rings and injector seals.

Direct injection engines offer numerous advantages over port injection engines. The main advantage is better atomization of fuel entering the combustion chamber. Direct injection also requires a significantly higher pressure to atomize the fuel properly which can cause components of the fuel system to fail over time. Clogged fuel injectors can cause a variety of performance issues including misfire and power loss.

N54 fuel injectors have a index number which is critical to take note of when it's time to replace a failed fuel injector. The index number dictates on whether fuel injectors can be mixed or not. The fuel injectors in this kit are the most recent version of what's available and can only be installed with other fuel injectors that have an index number of 11 or higher. If the injectors are 10 or lower all fuel injectors will need to be replaced to ensure proper fuel system and engine performance.

When installing new injectors a calibration must be carried out. The adjustment value must be read off the injector before installation. This adjustment value will be needed later on when the calibration is carried out.