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NXT LVL Motors

Aeromotive Phantom Fuel Pump Wiring Kit

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The hottest trend in hot rods and muscle cars today is late model EFI engine swaps and aftermarket EFI systems. It’s no secret why either; you can make ridiculous power and do it more affordably than ever. What makes these conversions so affordable is the ample supply of parts and kits from the aftermarket. But until now, the fuel system has been a costly and time-consuming upgrade.

The Aeromotive Phantom Wiring Kit provides everything you need to wire up an in-tank baffle and pump system. This allows the pump to stay quiet and cool, extending life and improving performance.

*Parts included in kit:*
* 1ea 30 Amp 12 VDC Automotive Relay
* 1ea 30 Amp 12 VDC Circuit Breaker
* 2ea Yellow Insulated Butt Connector
* 2ea Yellow Ring Connector for #10 Stud
* 1ea Yellow Ring Connector for 3/8” Stud
* 18ft 10ga. Fuel Pump Power/Ground Wire
* 4ft 10ga. Red + Battery Wire
* 10ft 16ga. Red Trigger Wire
* 1ft 10ga. Black Ground Wire
* 12ea 6 inch cable ties
* 3ea Self-Drilling Screws
* Tools required for installation:
* Electrical terminal crimping tool
* 5/16” nut driver